The Monday Morning Haiku #9

Posted: 2011-01-17 in Monday Morning Haiku, recaps
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Mounds of used tissues
Lots of TV and jammies
Cold season is here

Yes indeed, it’s that time of year again!  After Mother Nature dumped a load of snow and ice on us last week, she decided to kick us while we were down and help the girls to spontaneously develop near-simultaneous colds.  Although they’re finally getting better (which means it’s now the parents’ turn to get sick, right?), the weekend was primarily spent on the couch and/or carpet, watching TV and playing games, with minimal efforts made to do anything outside of the house.  Dee’s van also had a pancake-flat tire, so after putting on the spare (donut) we dropped off her car to get the tires replaced (they were in need of replacing anyway).  Not a whole lot of high points to the weekend, other than a break from the kids Saturday night where Dee and I went out to dinner and then to a housewarming party at Jillzey‘s place.  That was fun, but since the girls were sick, we had to cut things short and get home at a reasonable hour to deal with the coughs and sniffles and middle-of-the-night-cries-for-tissues that were sure to come.

So what did you all do this weekend? Hope it was better than mine (and had 100% less sickness)!  [And if you’re off today for MLK day – hooray for you while the rest of us poor schmucks are back in the office!]

  1. SteveB says:

    Gentle desert winds
    Bring in warm sunny weekend
    Freeze, Easterners, Freeze!

    (sorry for the antagonism there, bud)


  2. jaklumen says:

    Hope it was better than mine (and had 100% less sickness)!

    No, it was about 125% more sickness. Cimmy is sick, I am sick, on account of Boy is sick. Princess is somehow well… dunno why.

    Sorry, no haiku here. It’s bad for me to try to force rhyme or meter.


  3. snoringKatZ says:

    Baymont Inns & Suites
    in Enid, Oklahoma
    is close to a dump.

    (That means two things… or possibly three)


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