You’re in Ross Country Now!

Posted: 2015-09-01 in in meatspace
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Back in high school, I had a baseball cap that read, “W.T. WOODSON CROSS COUNTRY”.  I remember carefully using a stitch-picker to remove the first embroidered “C” to make it spell “ROSS COUNTRY” and thereby started a long-running inside joke among my teammates (You’re in Ross Country, now!)

Apparently, someone had a similar thought, but decided the Cross->Ross transformation needed to be extended all the way to its logical and foregone conclusion:


Kudos to some stranger out there for bringing Ross Geller and his affinity for dinosaurs to a local street corner near you!

(And thanks to my brother David for bringing this to my attention and brightening a stressful afternoon.)

  1. Love your style, Ross Country. This post especially made me laugh. If you ever have time, please allow me some feedback (or even a read–no further commitment necessary!). When I find a blog about real people living life, I get excited. Now a follower!
    Keep it up.


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