Makes My Ears Happy

Posted: 2016-01-20 in on the interwebs
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Someone sent this to me, and I was just blown away.

Listen to David Bowie and Annie Lennox singing Under Pressure for the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert back in 1992 and see if you can make your ears happy, too.

First, a rehearsal prior to the show:

And then the live performance:

It gives me chills to listen to that. If only I could have been there in that crowd. Of course, I was only 13 at the time and probably wouldn’t have appreciated what an amazing concert that was, so now I’m off to build a time machine so current me can go take past me to the concert and school myself in some music appreciation.

  1. madtante says:

    It’s a powerful song. I still prefer Freddie and Bowie but I have owned the Lennox version since it came out. I own virtually all Bowie and a helluva lot of covers cos never enough Bowie:)

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  2. Watching the two videos reminded me of how much Bowie respected his female colleagues, unlike so many male pop musicians. During the rehearsal Lennox’s and Bowie’s singing looks so effortless, but you can see the work the two of them are putting into the song. On stage, the “flow” between them is so real you can almost feel it, which might explain the goosebumps you feel during the song. 🙂

    Thank you for posting this! I grieved when the news of Bowie’s death came out, but these videos are a good reminder that his music will always be with us.


    • P.S. You were only 13 in 1992? I already had three kids and had pretty much given up going to concerts at that point in my life. I’m sorry I did, but other things took priority.


      • rossruns says:

        Yep, I’m a youngin’ all right. I wish I had a friend nearby that would like to go to some concerts with me – I’m at the point now where going alone would just look weird.


    • rossruns says:

      I think you hit the mark on the goosebump-initiator. I just watched it again. Beautiful stuff.


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