AMAThe podcast, that is.  Lately, I’ve been binge-listening to a bunch of episodes of this NPR quiz show in the car – the puzzles are fun and challenging enough to keep me thinking, without being so tough I can’t get any of the answers.  To mix things up, they also bring in “special guests”, which are usually celebrities in some form (last episode I listened to included Ed Helms of “The Office” and “The Hangover” fame), but who are usually featured in such a way that they dig into aspects of their lives you may not have heard of before.  They feature other people’s creative pet projects, too – I discovered Mike Rowe’s “The Way I Heard It” podcast through this show, as well as Joseph Fink’s “Welcome to Night Vale”, both of which have ended up in my permanent podcast subscription list.

One of their signature hooks is the nerdy word games they feature, and they conclude the podcast with catchy anagrams of the show title, venue, and host names.  I decided to plug in my name into an anagram machine and discovered that my name anagrams to “Blogger Dross”.  Pretty appropriate, given that I haven’t posted on here in years.

Anyway, if you’re into quiz shows, word games, or puzzles, check this one out on NPR’s podcast list. (You can also listen when they air it on the radio, too, but who listens to the radio any more???)


  1. leendadll says:

    I don’t listen to podcasts but I used to listen to NPR on my drive home. I don’t remember this show but I enjoyed a similar one a lot… but studying appears to have overwritten my memory on the show’s name.
    I greatly appreciate you showing up in my comments. It’s nice to see a new post too!


  2. snoringKatZ says:

    Ask Me Another is one of my favorites! If I ever listen to NPR which I sort of gave up because I just cannot abide any news in almost any form anymore. It’s my sanity saver 🙂

    Also, I have no idea how I missed your post by nearly four weeks. Probably because I live in my little happy bubble of not-paying-attention. Hahahaha! But I get to see pictures on FB so I know you’re still alive and running the world. And I will find you in Corpus if your luck runs out and you are sent there again. w00t!!!


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