This is one of my biggest complaints about mask-wearing*.

I naturally tend to smile a lot at people I interact with. I enjoy seeing the smiles from others. When I walk by you and we all look like steely-eyed ninjas, or impassive zombie-doctors**, or just people who might be fresh from a bank-robbery, you just lose a bit of that human-interaction that greases the gears of society and keeps us feeling connected.

Maybe we all need to go back and watch America’s Next Top Model and figure out how to “smize” (smile with your eyes) as Tyra Banks trained contestants. Or better yet – someone come up with a transparent-yet-still-effective facemask!

*Yes, masks are uncomfortable/inconvenient/not fun. Please do your part and wear one in public, anyway. The next person you interact with could depend on it!

**That is, a doctor who is a zombie. Not a doctor who treats zombies. What would be the point of that?

  1. This is the most entertaining post on mask-wearing that I have read this year. Well done. How is your smize coming along?


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