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Posted: 2021-06-23 in on the interwebs
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Since I’ve been doing a fair amount of debugging in the last couple of weeks for “quick let’s get this programmed and running today” code, this struck me as extra-funny:

A software tester walks into a bar. Orders a beer. Orders five trillion beers. Orders zero beers. Orders a lizard. Orders a glass of water. Orders negative fifteen beers. Orders a fasdfhasdfjaksdfasdf. Leaves, satisfied.

A user walks into a bar. Orders a Milwaukee’s. Bar immediately catches on fire.

  1. I LOL’d at this, but the sad thing is this happens a LOT. The college I used to work at became concerned about security after some amateur hackers tried to break into the system in a sad attempt to change their grades. (They left their digital fingerprints all over the place, so it was more than easy to turn them in to law enforcement. Which doesn’t say much about the college’s computer science department.) So the guy in charge of IT decided to create his own security program: which effectively locked everyone, including the president of the college, out of their accounts. IT Head said he tested everything himself, “so this should never have happened.”

    [laughing and crying over keyboard]

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