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Here’s the newest Metal band on the scene.  They may not play any actual instruments and their lyrics still need some work, but they’ve got an energy you just can’t deny.


Oh wait, they DO play instruments.  Here’s a clip from an alternate, more intimate venue.


Dear Santa…

Posted: 2011-12-06 in kids
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And a small plane I could ride in.

Should I be concerned about my children’s new-found fascination with scotch tape?

No? How about now?

I came home to some “exciting” news yesterday from The Color Princess.  Her one remaining top front tooth, which has been wiggling in her gums for a couple weeks now, finally came loose (with a little help from Dee).  Now, she has an adorable toothless smile and an even cuter pronounced lisp.

The girls have been given “tooth pillows” they can put their lost teeth in and hang on their bedroom door for the Tooth Fairy (note to parents – this is definitely the way to go – no sneaking into their room after they’re asleep!) but unfortunately, the CP’s tooth pillow is currently lost in the mess of her room, so I improvised with another little purse-like bag last night, tucking the tooth inside and hanging it on the CP’s doorknob as we put her to bed.  I figured after she was definitely asleep for the night I’d pull the ol’ switcheroo and she’d wake up to a nice crisp dollar bill tucked into the purse instead of her tooth.

Well, this here Tooth Fairy would probably flunk a mid-year performance evaluation.  I goofed big time; by the time I went to bed, it had totally slipped my mind to swap out the chopper for cash, and the poor girl woke up all excited, only to find that, in spite of all promises to the contrary, the Tooth Fairy had NOT come overnight.  It was a teary, heart-wrenching sight, let me tell you.

As Dee consoled her on the couch, I slipped into the CP’s room and hid the dollar under her real pillow.  We then asked her whether she had looked under her pillow on her bed, as sometimes “the Tooth Fairy leaves money under your pillow if she can’t find the tooth pillow”.  When she pulled out the dollar bill, she still had tears in her eyes but was beaming ear-to-ear.  Crisis averted, and my 6-year-old is probably happily showing off her giant gap-toothed smile to all of her teachers and friends at school today.

Now, I just have to figure out to do with this incisor that the negligent Tooth Fairy forgot to take with her last night…


Substitute Cuteness

Posted: 2010-11-12 in kids
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Sorry, no time this week to write a drabble, so you’ll have to settle for some more cuteness from my budding artist.  The CP decided to make an “I Love You Book” of all of my favorite things.  She sat down and interviewed me about my favorite sport, animal, foods, and activities, and then drew a “book” of my favorite things.  It’s currently hanging on my wall here in the office so I can be reminded every day of what exactly it is that I enjoy.

For translation/archival purposes, the items are, from top to bottom:

  • Playing soccer with the CP
  • Listening to music
  • Pizza
  • Cats
  • Apple trees

She’s really getting into writing, and actually earlier this week wrote a REAL book (albeit 4 pages long).  I’m going to have to scan it and “publish” it online – it’s really a hoot.  I’m thinking we’re going to start a writing project together – she narrates, I transcribe, and she illustrates.  I love how much enthusiasm she has towards books, writing, and various other creative outlets, and want to encourage her any way I can.

Cryptozoology, as you may or may not know, refers to the “search for animals which are considered to be legendary or otherwise nonexistent by mainstream biology.”  This includes the search for Bigfoot, or Chupacabra, as well as efforts to find living examples of animals considered to be extinct (such as dinosaurs or dodo birds).

My daughter isn’t familiar with the term, but she’s obviously familiar with the concept.  We were talking the other evening about pretend/fanciful animals, and she decided she needed to develop some visual aids for our discussion.  After some brainstorming, she decided on the following:

Yes, that is a rainbow-striped, 11-legged, two-tailed zebra.  She’s pretty sure it lives in the “forest” behind our house and hopes to one day capture it on film.

She also drew a 10-tailed cat and a dog with rubbery/elastic wiggly-legs, but refused to let me publish her findings on these animals, as “They are not real, Daddy”.