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Home Sweet Home!

Posted: 2010-10-04 in status
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Yes, it’s official – I’ve returned home from Minnesota and am currently working from the office again!  There’s no set date for me to go out on a site again, so it looks like plenty of time home with the wife and kidlets in the near future.  I can’t stop smiling.

It was a fun but pretty ordinary weekend, although I was still recovering from this nasty summer cold.  Went to the CP’s soccer game on Saturday (she’s a natural goalie, but still needs to work on her skills outside of that – but about what I’d expect for a 5 year old), and spent most of the afternoon just hanging out and playing with the girls.  Sunday was the 2nd session of CP’s religious school and they were supposed to do an orientation, but the teacher didn’t show so I don’t know what was going on.  They had a substitute but Dee and I hung around for the Tefillah (prayer service that the classes do all together w/ songs accompanied by some guitars and drums) and then we left and got some lunch and came back at the end of the session.  Then we went over to the mother-in-law’s for the afternoon and dinner, rooting for and heckling the various football teams on TV and just hanging out with family.  I think I fell asleep for a while on a pillow on the floor (again, this cold just won’t quit!) and prepped for my first day back to work.

Need to work on waking up in the morning at a set time again – hit snooze WAY too many times this morning, which only served to put me in bad graces with Dee, who woke up when my alarm first went off.  She’s fine with it as long as I get up, but for me to set my alarm and wake her up and then NOT get up – well, let’s just say I need to turn things around or else I might be relocating the alarm clock to the arm of the couch.

Playing catchup today – expense reports and paper filing to get back on track.  Updating my to-do list and reviewing stuff that I’ll be working on – it’s a change of pace, but a good one.  And I can’t wait until I get to drive HOME in the evening, see my kids, have dinner with the family, and relax in the peace and bedlam of my own house.  Things are good.

Good news! I’m flying home today to take up residence again in North Carolina! My “3 month assignment” is finally complete after approximately 15 months up in Minnesota.  Right now it looks like I’ll finally be able to sleep in my own bed and kiss my wife and kids goodnight every night, and do so for the foreseeable future!  Hooray!

This also means that I’ll be having a little more free time to post, which should mean I’m doing more than slinging up drabble every week.  I’ve volunteered to help write some posts for the Scifi Media Group that Budd founded, and I’ve already got some lined up for that (coming soon to a blogspot near you).  Of course, I’m planning on spending a lot of time with my family, too, so even though I’ll be writing more, I might ease back into the posting so not as to overwhelm myself and end up in the same spot I was after NaBloPoMo a couple of years back (where I posted for 30 days straight, and then only had 5 posts in the 2 months following thereafter).

So without further ado, here’s this week’s drabble, in honor of Banned Books Week.

Fridays are the days I post one or two “drabble“, the 100-word stories that test your ability to convey an entire story idea in an extremely brief format.  Feel free to join in and write your own 100 word stories on Fridays, and tag them with “friday drabble”.  Link to them in the comments and/or on Twitter with the hashtag #fridaydrabble.

A Slippery Slope

First books were banned, then schools, then education in general.

Soon followed prohibitions concerning consumption of green vegetables, bathing, newspapers (and news reporting in general), public displays of affection, and regimented exercise.  People were at a loss with what to do with all their free time when employment was banned.

But the final straw, which incited rebellion and the eventual downfall of the empire, was the proclamation banning “girls and their cooties”.

Years later, looking back, the historians all agreed that it had been a monumentally bad idea to allow the child-emperor to dictate law according to his 8-year-old whims.

A Slippery Slope

(Don’t) Enjoy the Silence

Posted: 2010-05-17 in status

Two Fridays ago, I got the go-ahead from my doctor to start wearing a regular shoe and get back into walking like a normal human being instead of the clumping, bumbling boot-wearing boy that in itself was a huge improvement over the clanking, creaking crutch-goer immediately following my Achilles tendon surgery. This happy news was eclipsed, however, by the news that with my newly recovered mobility, I would have to go back up to the plant site and play catchup on everything I missed in the previous 2.5 months.

Well, now I’m back up here in Minnesota, and even though the weather is wonderful and the countryside is beautiful, I’m not really enjoying it.  I’ve got my head down and blinders on trying to get caught up on everything that has changed so I can get back to being a useful contributor to the plant startup effort, and between that and the fact that my wife is once again forced to take care of our kids all by herself, I’m feeling sort of down. Writing has been one of the last things on my mind lately, even though I enjoy it when I sit down and do it. At least this time around I get to go home a lot more often, and I’m restricted to 60 hours a week of work, so it shouldn’t be quite so frenzied up here once I finally get caught up. Hopefully, at that point I’ll get back to blogging more often, or at least on a semi-regular basis.


Free At Last!

Posted: 2010-04-19 in status
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Das BootOr at least pretty close to it – Friday I had my followup with the doctor, and he gave me the go-ahead to ditch the crutches and start hobbling around on my now-mended leg! I still am carrying one crutch around with me, but I’m trying to keep my weight off it and only use it when my leg gets extra tired.  Of course, I still have to wear the big, bulky, black boot, but only for another 3 weeks and after that, I truly am free, as it’ll be back to regular shoes, being able to walk barefoot, etc.  And just in time for summer, too!

Baby Feet

I still will have a long recovery period. No ladder climbing for another 2 months, and who knows when I’ll be able to do high-impact stuff like running again. But just being able to walk unassisted seems like enough of a treat for me, now. You never realize how much you take walking unassisted for granted until you can’t do it!