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You may think your company name sounds cool, but a few words of advice:

When comparing two different techniques, "The Old Way" and your method, AKA "The Legacy Way" sound suspiciously similar.  In fact, you may not know this, but the word "legacy" actually implies your method is old, and possibly obsolete.  It certainly does not give one the impression that you are the the innovative, cutting edge, and successful process that you are trying to promote.

It's probably too late to change your company name, but I'd look at hiring a different advertising firm in the future.  They seem to be a bit of a legacy themselves.

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Hi folks,

I'm hoping leveraging the power of the internet, LazyWeb style, to try to help out my wife.  She's gung-ho about training with a friend of hers to compete in a triathlon (I'm assuming sprint distance at first), but doesn't have a good idea of where to start.  Can anyone provide recommendations for good websites/books that provide training plans, guidance, etc for first time triathletes? Some things to note:

  • She's not planning on doing this competitively – it's more of a personal-fitness goal type thing
  • She's got about a 12 month timeframe to train
  • Although she exercises regularly, she'll need a good training plan to ramp up to the level of physical activity required for a triathlon.  A couch-to-sprint guide might be a good plan for her at first, if you know of a decent one.

I can use my Google-fu to find a lot of triathlon training sites out there (like this one), but I'd prefer to find out if someone's used one or can corroborate the usefulness of a site.

Thanks in advance!

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I may not get very many answers, posting this to a free blogging service, but I'm looking to transfer my family's personal website from my own webserver (located in my house and therefore limited to my ISP's crotchety bandwidth restrictions) to a hosted server somewhere.  Does anyone have any good suggestions/experience with anyone?

Things I am specifically looking for:
– shell (SSH) access
– FTP/SFTP access
– ability to host multiple domains/subdomains on the same account
– PHP/MySQL/CGI availability
– .htaccess modification capabilities
– Reasonable disk storage
– Reasonable bandwidth
– Backup capabilities (either on-server or exportable)
– Reasonable monthly fees (not exorbitant)

The one I've come across that seems to handle all of these (and more) is, but again I have no experience with them so I don't know how they measure up.  They might be overkill, but then again, I haven't seen a lot for cheaper without going with someone with a reduced feature set (e.g. godaddy).

Depending on what I end up getting, I may end up using this as a remote backup mechanism for my personal PC, too, using something like rsync.

Any ideas?

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A Meow for Help

Posted: 2007-06-14 in General
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Last night I wandered away from the TV before I could get sucked into another program that I didn't really want to watch but could not pull myself away from.  (Celebrity Impersonators?  American Inventors?  WTF?)

Anyway, I looked out the window into my backyard and saw an interesting sight:

Me: Honey, there's a whole family of cats out here…

D: A family of cats?

Me: Oh, wait, scratch that, it's just four cats.  Kittens, actually.

Yes, we appear to have kittens in our back yard.  There's an old barn just over our property line beyond our fence and I suspect the cat we have seen wandering around occasionally set up camp in there and had a litter.  Last night they decided our lawn made a better playground than their barn, so they squeezed through the fence to romp on our lawn.  We sat down by the window and watched until it started to rain and got too dark to see the three all-black kittens and we could barely make out the marmalade one.

Anyway, the wife's allergic to cats and we wouldn't really want to bring them in the house anyway without some sort of de-lousing treatment first.  Any suggestions for what to do?  They look reasonably healthy but I'm not sure it's a good idea to let a family of cats set up shop right behind our house, even if the owner of the barn doesn't care.  Especially as my daughter has a little sandbox (currently covered) that we don't want becoming the neighborhood litter box.

Should I call animal control, or someone else?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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