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Halloween this year was a lot of fun.  Not only was I home and able to help take the girls trick-or-treating, but the girls are finally getting old enough to really enjoy the holiday as it was intended (and by that, I mean getting super-psyched about pumpkin carving, dressing up, and collecting your body’s weight in cavity-inducing candy).

The Color Princess designed our pumpkin this year, sketching it out on paper, and I transferred it to the oversized orange gourd and carved while the girls looked on in anticipation.  They refused to help clean out the inside, though, which shows they’ve got their priorities straight.

Halloween pumpkin

Sunday afternoon, we all got decked out in our trick-or-treating costumes and headed over to Brian and Kim’s place, where we marshaled the troops for photo ops and pre-candy instructions.

The CP wanted to be a fairy, and the Bean dressed up in the hand-me-down cow costume.  They both were ADORABLE!

The girls in costume

Dee “dressed up” too, but she decided to keep it low key.  She looked cute in recycled ears from the CP’s last costume, though!

My favorite girls

Of course, as promised, I went as Cap’n Tightpants, the gay pirate.  (You know you were waiting for this picture!)

Capn' Tightpants

The mustache makes the costume, right?

We also had a few resident superheroes join us for the festivities:

Superman and Batman

Bruce, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

And that fateful first meeting of the individuals that would one day form the Justice League occurred:

Future Justice League Members

DC comics later replaced Commander Cow with The Flash.

All in all, we had quite a few people ready to go trick-or-treating in our crew:

The trick-or-treating crew

The actual trick-or-treating was fun, but exhausting for all involved parties.  I helped walk the Bean to most of the doors, and she very quickly grew tired of holding her bucket in between houses (I don’t blame her, she had about 20 pounds of candy in it!)  We walked until it was apparent everyone was ready to head home, so we finished the loop around the neighborhood with a few final houses, and headed back to stretch out on a blanket on the grass and inspect the candy haul.

Post-acquisition candy sampling

All-in-all, the girls (and their parents) had a lot of fun this year.  I won’t go as far as to say “I can’t wait until next year”, but I’m sure by the time next October rolls around, I’ll be looking forward to a repeat performance.  (But maybe I’ll leave the striped tight-pants at home, next time.)

Please join in on the Monday Morning Haiku and leave a haiku of your own in the comments!

Candy, candy and
more candy! Now I know why
dentists love Autumn.

The Forbidden Chocolate Candy Stash

The Forbidden Chocolate Candy Stash

Halloween was a complete success this year. I’ll be posting pictures of all the costumes (including my own laugh-inducing ensemble) a little later. For now, you’ll have to be tantalized with the gigantic mound of chocolate treats that are sitting on my desk begging me to eat myself into a sugar-induced coma.

So, how was your Halloween/weekend?  Get any treats?  Or just tricks?

Observations from a Candy Dish

Posted: 2008-11-14 in General
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I keep a candy dish on my desk at work.  Sometimes this has disastrous consequences for me, if I'm feeling blue and impulsively decide that a couple pounds of sugar intake will do me good (it never does).  But most of the time, I enjoy having it there; People will stop at my desk to pick out some of their favorites and chat for a bit, and always seem to enjoy coming by.  Plus, it's helpful to have a candy stash to try to bribe people to help out when you need their aid, but that's a whole different post entirely.

Here's a few things I've noticed about the candy dish in the couple years I've been here at my latest job.

Candy Preferences

  • The top candy choice by far is chocolate, specifically Hershey's kisses.  Whenever I bring in a bag of these, they're gone within a couple days.  I tend not to stock up on these a whole lot because of the burn-through rate.
  • The least popular choices are sour things like Warheads, Lemonheads, and Sour-Patch kids.  There are a few die-hard fans that tend to ONLY pick those, so they're not usually in the dregs of the candy dish, but they definitely don't move that quickly.  Other things with a limited audience appeal include individually wrapped bubble gum pieces and lollipops (Blow Pops, etc).
  • Good middle-ground items include a mix of soft and hard candies such as Werther's Originals, Laffy Taffy, little jawbreakers, Smarties, Sweet Tarts, Tootsie-Rolls (the little ones) and miniature boxes of Nerds.

Time of Day

  • The peak candy time is always right after lunchtime.  People must want a sweet snack to finish off their meal.
  • The slowest time of the day is first thing in the morning.  I guess people don't want licorice to clash with the taste of their coffee or something.
  • I get a surprising number of folks who come by near the end of the day – I guess they're looking for something to keep them sated on the drive home.  I can just hear their mothers saying, "You'll spoil your appetite!"
  • There's no real difference in frequency of visitors by day of the week, except when we have a holiday.  The day after a holiday always has more visitors – I'm assuming they need an extra pick-me-up to get over having to be back in the office.


  • Most of the people that come by for candy always seem to be walking on eggshells, practically tip-toeing up to the dish and asking if they can have a piece or two.  They select their candy very meticulously and graciously thank me as they walk away.
  • A few people come off as brusque and entitled.  They walk up and say, "Let's see what there is today…"  More often than not these are the folks that will take multiple pieces of candy.  They're always polite enough to thank me as they leave, but it always feels more mechanical than heartfelt.
  • Some people are too shy to hit me up for candy while I'm sitting at my desk.  I'll see them ducking out of my cube area with a piece in their hands as I return from a lunchtime run, or a trip to the break room.

Assorted other facts:

  • Not once has anyone ever offered to chip in for the cost of any candy.  (Not that I'm asking them to, or even want them to.  I just think it's interesting that nobody has.)
  • Candy definitely goes faster when I'm not around.  If I'm gone for a week, the dish'll be empty when I get back.  If I'm around for the same period of time, people only go through about half as much candy.  I guess I must be policing them?
  • There are other folks in the office who have candy at their desks.  For some strange reason, their candy always appeals more to me than mine does.  I wonder why?

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Yogurt with candy.
So crazy, yet so awesome.
Gone, all too quickly…

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