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Eight days of presents.
More fun for the receiver
than those giving them.

Feel free to leave your own haiku in the comments below!  Are you giving gifts this holiday season? Got all your shopping done yet?

So we’re over halfway done with Hanukkah this year – it’s the first year the CP is old enough to really take part in the celebration. Although she’s not lighting candles yet, she and the Bean are picking out which candles to put into the menorah each night, and she says the prayers with me (in a repeat-after-me fashion). She’s been learning about the story and history of Hanukkah in Sunday School, and generally enjoying the whole holiday.

Especially. The. Presents.

Yes, we’re trying to do the “8 nights of gifts” thing, but we’re not talking BIG gifts every night.  Since the girls also get gifts at Christmas time, we’re not going overboard and inundating them with presents at Hanukkah, so sometimes they just get something little, like a dreidel or a squeeze-ball toy.  But they do have gifts from their grandparents and great-grandparents/other relatives, so they’re getting to open those most nights after we light the candles.

It’s very sweet watching them play with their presents.  Two nights ago we gave the CP her Mancala game and I sat down to teach her how to play.  She took to it immediately, and was loving the gameplay with the glass beads and the strategy aspects of it.  After she and I finished playing a few games, she wanted to “practice by herself”.  She proceeded to play both players’ roles on the game by herself, (much like playing chess against yourself).  Needless to say, she won.

With Hanukkah almost over, we move on to the next holiday.  Which no, is not Christmas.  The Bean has her birthday near the end of next week, first.  She’s turning 3 (and yes, she’s been a Terrible Two sometimes and I don’t expect it to stop any time soon) and will get a little party of her own before we do Christmas the week after that. Seriously, this is the season for presents for the girls, and debt for the parents!

Well, we survived our first week with 2 children, and things are on the up-and-up.  Rosalie's gained back to her birth weight as of the doctor's appointment this morning, which means she's a week ahead of schedule.

Speaking of schedules, I'm still getting used to the fact that my daily schedule is now subject to the involuntary whims of an infant who's still mixed up as to when it is day and when it is night.  Which is why I'm up at a quarter to one in the morning, instead of sleeping through "Santa's" stopover at our house to bring Violet some presents.  But it's okay – I'm getting around 4-6 hours sleep each night, so at least I'm not hallucinating…yet.

Anyway, I doubt most people will be getting online on Christmas day, but I want to wish everyone who celebrates the holiday a Merry Christmas, and everyone a Happy New Year.  Seeing as it's taken me a week to get just this post up, I doubt I'll be posting very often in the near future until I can get back to having some time to myself.  But I'll still be checking in and will try to get the occasional post up here and there when I can.

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