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Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
Mass Romantic
Frank Black
Golden Delicious

Every week, holds a "coolest gadget of the week" contest.  All you have to do to enter is vote for one of the featured gadgets, and leave a comment on their contest post.  In each week's contest, a randomly selected individual wins a $50 Amazon gift certificate.  I only found out about it last Friday, so last week was my first entry into the contest drawings.  Imagine my surprise when I found out Monday that I had won the contest!

Today Al from Coolest-Gadgets sent me my Amazon certificate, and I debated what I would spend it on.  Even though I could have been practical and bought something useful (in my house, we always need diapers, etc), I figured I'd treat myself to a little something special and decided to pick up some Amazon Mp3 albums that I've had my eye on for a while.  I'm only halfway through my certificate and have already picked up some awesome albums

  • Spoon – Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
  • The New Pornographers – Mass Romantic
  • Frank Black – Frank Black
  • Mike Doughty – Golden Delicious

I think I'm going to have to take a break from the buying before my ears explode from pure aural joy.

Oh, and in case you're interested, this week's contest is on.  Go try your hand at winning your own gift certificate!

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Hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a fantastic turkey day and I hope you are now well on your way to recovering from the food, fun, and festivities.  For everyone else, hope you had a good week, and yay, it's the weekend again!

We had 4 entrants in my guest-host contest, all of which had me laughing at one point or another in their entries.  And upon further review of the piles of junk in my garage, I have confirmed that every entrant wins a prize, consolation or otherwise! 

(In all seriousness, I do have something special for each entrant that will have them shouting out loud with a resounding "MEH.  I guess that was worth entering this week's contest."  Please send me a quick note with your address – I promise you won't be disappointed.  [Or at least don't reveal your disappointment to me])

The judging was tough, but you can see how it was done by reading the following, or just skip to the winner announcements below:

1. Best Yod Art: Although this was a close race, in the end I had to give this one to snoringKatZ.  Cranky, flattery will usually get you anywhere, but in this case, the pun is mightier than the apple polishing.  Or something like that.

2. The Tourist Attraction I'm Planning to Visit on my Next Vacation: Definitely Cranky's Crap Emporium.  There's no doubt in my mind that this will make it big.  As long as Wal-Mart doesn't try to horn in on your business – watch out for that, Cranky!

3. My Alternative to Thanksgiving Would Be: Another Thanksgiving, apparently.  You folks really don't want to give up this holiday!  With that said, Ebby's comment that this used to be the only day where Yod was able to eat white-people food cracked me up, and took the birthday-cake on this one.

4. Easiest to Blackmail:
Cranky, when I saw your photo for #1, I immediately thought it trumped any blackmail photo you could have shared with us.  Apparently you agreed.  However, you were blown clear out of the water by WPG's blackmail photos, red duct-tape and all.  Those are some seriously hostile working conditions!

5. The Worst Pun-ishment for the Readers: Your puns all made me groan, but only snoringKatZ's made me run out of the room screaming.

With that said, this week's winner for the GRAND PRIZE is snoringKatZ!  Congratulations, your skill with the slap-dash entry knows no bounds.

WPG – You still won the first-entry prize and will be receiving that prize and some lovely parting gifts, along with my sympathy for anyone who still has to work in that hellmouth building.

Crankypants – Unfortunately, you didn't win the GRAND PRIZE, but I have something specific in mind for your consolation prize.  As a bonus, it's not going to take up a lot of space, so you'll still have lots of room in your Crap Emporium for your regular sales stock.  Oh, and I'm seriously considering making your blackmail photo my desktop wallpaper for a little while.  Heehee.

Ebby – I don't live in a cat household, and I'm fresh out of catnip.  However, I have a nice selection of small consolation gifts that you can share with your Daddy – I bet you can work out a trade with him for something more suitable for a kitty like yourself.  And let him know that if he doesn't want his gifts, they'd probably make decent additions to Yod Hunt prizes for future contests 🙂

Thanks everyone for playing.  Hopefully you had as good a time entering my guest contest as I had reading your entries!  I now return control of the hunt back to the group's founding father, the man with the plan, YOD himself!

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In case you haven't been paying attention, one of my prizes from a past Yod Hunt was the dubious privilege of hosting my own Yod Hunt (AKA Yod's Photo Scavenger Hunt AKA Jody Hunt AKA iYod Hunt AKA that weird contest where you go around creating and/or taking ridiculous pictures for the enjoyment of others). 

After months of badgering, Yod finally taught me the secret Yod Hunt handshake and gave me the go-ahead.  So without further adieu, here we go!

First, the rules for this week –

  • The contest starts now and runs until 11:59 Pacific Time, Wednesday November 21st.  Now you can't claim you were too busy this weekend to participate!  Whee!
  • There will be a small prize awarded to the first person to post a complete contest entry.  That person will also be eligible for the GRAND PRIZE, so don't worry about when you get your entry in (as long as it's before the deadline).
  • Partial contest entries are accepted, but probably won't win the GRAND PRIZE.  However, you may receive a consolation prize, so post even if you can't come up with something for one of the topics!

  • The GRAND PRIZE winner will be chosen completely subjectively by myself and the fine folks from the Reptile Parcel Service.
  • The GRAND PRIZE is a secret.  (Actually, all the prizes are, for that matter.)  Mostly because I haven't settled on exactly what the prizes are yet.  However, I do have a box in my garage with items that were too valuable to give away and/or too dear to me to sell – if you're one of the lucky winners this week, you may get your hands on something that I could never bear to part with except to a fellow Yod Hunt member.  Of course, there's also always a chance you'll get a much more useful, but much less personal, gift card to somewhere special…but again, you'll have to enter to find out what you will win!

Ok, ok…enough rules…time to get this contest rolling.  Good luck, contestants, and let the photo hunt begin!

1. Incorporate the words "In Yod We Trust" into a piece of original artwork and take a picture of it.  The definition of "artwork" is up to you.

2. Take a picture of what just might be "The Next Big Tourist Attraction".

3. You almost had to know there would be a Thanksgiving-related question in this contest.  But turkeys are so trite.  So instead, take a picture of something related to ANY OTHER holiday that you wish people would celebrate twice a year – once during its regularly scheduled time, and once in November instead of Thanksgiving.

4. Show us a picture whose caption is "Blackmail Fodder".  (Warning – if you think this photo could really be used for blackmail purposes, it's probably not a good idea to post it on the internet.)

5. Take a picture of someone/something acting out a pun.  Your entry can be an illustration, as long as it's something you made, and not just something you found on the internets.  (For example, to illustrate the pun "The roundest knight at King Arthur's round table was Sir Cumference", you could have someone dress up as a very rotund and obviously labeled knight named Sir Cumference.)  Bonus points if the pun makes others groan.  Double bonus points if the pun makes others throw rotten fruit at you.

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Click on the link above to view the full-size photo.  Here's my first attempt at a caption booth entry for the Caption Booth groupContest #1 is going on right now…why don't you go pick out your own picture to caption?

(Note: Mine is on the long side of the word count – most will be shorter than this).

Wolfgang Amadeus Hollabeck was the best trumpet player the world had ever known.  The world just didn't realize it yet.  The best gigs he could get were in seedy bars in downtown Zurich, with a bumbling trio that could barely carry a tune, let alone carry one of his Gillespie-like solos.  He had tried to save up enough money to cut a demo, but between his bar tab and bus fares, he was left with barely enough money to cover the rent.

Wolfgang took a day job to make ends meet.  Now, decked out in lederhosen, he puffed and blew his way through a bevy of traditional songs on the alpenhorn outside a little cafe every day.  He put up with the jeering catcalls of spoiled American tourists asking if he had a cough drop for them, but the ones that really hurt his pride were the locals who visited to eat on a regular basis.  As the days passed, their polite smiles faded to indifference as they studiously avoided eye contact every time they walked past.

Wolfgang Amadeus Hollabeck shifted from the slow melodic notes of his current song into the the upbeat tempo of "A Night in Tunisia".  A couple people glanced his way and smiled before he caught movement out of the corner of his eye.  The cafe manager was coming out to speak with him about his musical choices, once again.  He sighed and switched back to the traditional folk song he had been playing, counting the minutes until he could get home and cut loose with a jazz solo that would bring down the house, if only he could find people to listen to it.

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