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I mentioned (in passing) that late last year, my family moved out of Casa de Bedlam into our new (as yet unnamed) home. It was a whirlwind move and my head is still spinning, but almost all the boxes are unpacked and we’ve already had family over for a number of celebrations (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years’) and love the additional floor space for “entertaining.”


Home Sweet Home!

What I’m not loving so much? All the headaches that come with inheriting someone else’s home with all the hidden (or not-so-hidden) problems that tag along for the ride. Last month, the magnetron on the microwave went kaput, leaving us in a Hippy-like “No Nukes!” status for the better part of the week while we scheduled an appliance repair guy to come out and take a look. We all had a good laugh at how hard it was to adapt to life without a microwave nowadays (as The Bean said, “Guess we’ll be eating out all week, right?”) but we weren’t laughing when the invoice for the repairs came due. Yes, it was cheaper than buying a new microwave, but that didn’t make it any more palatable to shell out the funds for the repair.

I had actually considered buying a home warranty to cover those “unforeseen” repairs, at least for the first year while I was getting a feel for the state of the house, but didn’t get around to purchasing it at the house closing. And of course, the warranty companies put a 2-week hold on claims from when you sign a contract to prevent you from “purchasing after the fact”, and it slipped my mind to follow up with a purchase after the microwave was working again.


Picture this, but made out of 1/8″ cable on each side of the garage door. Not pretty.

So of course, what happens this week? Breakdown #2 – this time, the garage door. Torsion bar / springs failed, causing the cables to snarl in a big bird’s-nest mess on both ends of the bar. My mechanical knowledge in this area was limited to figuring out how to disengage all that mess from the door so I could roll it down and lock it in place, and (of course) figuring out how to use the telephone to call the Garage Door Doctor. Luckily for us, they were able to schedule a evening appointment same-day as I called, and replaced the entire assembly in an hour (to the tune of an emptying wallet).

So at this point, I’m expecting it’s only a matter of time before the third shoe drops (yes, I’m assuming there’s an octopus wearing shoes in the room above me, shut up). Time to get on that home warranty purchase before the next repair forces me to take a job as a male escort to pay the bills.

Anyone have any experience with home warranties? Any good companies I should consider? I can use my Google-fu to do some research, but it doesn’t hurt to have a head start on the process…