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Hooray! An excuse
to eat candy all day long.
Happy V-Day folks!

As a kid, I always enjoyed Valentine’s Day.  In school, we would always be required to bring enough valentines for everyone in the class, and you’d go around distributing them in peoples’ makeshift card containers.  Most included candy.  [Score!]  I mean, it was almost like Halloween, but lazier – you didn’t even have to go asking people for a treat, they just gave it to you!

In high school, the student-run clubs usually had some sort of Valentine message-gram fundraiser – you could buy a paper heart/balloon/New York skyline made entirely out of strawberry licorice/etc. and have it delivered to the person of your choice during the last period of the day.  I know at least once I got one of these, but it wasn’t an expected occurrence and I certainly didn’t feel bad or left out if/when I didn’t get one.  Then and later, if I wasn’t in a relationship, Valentine’s Day was just like any other day, except I saw a lot more tinsel, hearts, and bright-red objects around than normal.

I can't imagine seeing this in your house the day after Valentine's.

When in a relationship (then or now), I view Valentine’s Day a little bit differently.  Yes, it’s a made-up holiday, and people overly attribute to it a necessity to give gifts and measure your love in chocolates, flowers, and cards.  But to me it’s more of a wake-up call; it reminds me to stop and take a step back and review how I’m treating those close to me that I care about, and make sure my actions and words express how much I appreciate and adore them.  Yes, I could do this any day of the year – it doesn’t necessarily have to wait until the middle of February on the day that little teddy bears everywhere climb the strings of heart-shaped balloons in an attempt to capture the hearts (and wallets) of men and women everywhere.  But this day is as good as any to make sure that my feelings on how much I care come through loud and clear – not by buying diamonds or boxes of chocolates, but by my words and actions and demeanor towards those I love.  And as long as I don’t have some sort of slump-back behavior the very next day, February 14th is as good as any day to give me a little kick in the tuchus and make sure I’m not taking things for granted, and make sure those I care about know it, too.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you out there – and may you have some sort of happiness today, whatever the reason for it. (But if you know what’s good for you, you’ll make chocolate the linchpin around which all other happy thoughts turn, today!)


A SHORT LOVE STORY IN STOP MOTION by Carlos Lascano.  Some people are just too talented….

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Thanks for all the people that did this today that reminded me that today's Tuesday!  This is my first one of these, and while I don't plan on doing it every week, I hope to do it often enough to remind myself of some of the stuff I take for granted, and learn not to sweat the small stuff.

Things I Loathe

  1. Getting up early.  Seriously have a problem with that.  Could be related to thing I love #1 below.
  2. Getting stuck in traffic.  Slightly ameliorated now that I can amuse myself with my GPS and see exactly how long I've been sitting there stuck in traffic.  But not enough to make me like it.
  3. Feeling like a slug.  I NEED to start exercising again.  NEED NEED NEED.  I like how I think and feel a lot better when I do.
  4. People who aren't open-minded and accepting of others.  I don't need to get into details on this one right now.

Things I LOVE

  1. Going to bed late.  I'm a late-night person.  It just feels like I should be doing stuff then, even if what I'm doing is just reading a book or playing on the interwebs. Got to stop doing this if I want to get up early.
  2. A good hot cup of coffee.
  3. My Vox neighbors.  You all manage to cheer me up, entertain me, and teach me things on a regular basis.
  4. Dave for providing me the link to a year's worth of Stereogum music downloads.  I now have 3.2 Gigs of free music sitting on my drive waiting to be listened to and rated.  So far, I'm finding I'm liking/keeping about 1 out of 3 tracks, which is pretty damn good, in my opinion.
  5. The fact that we've finally been able to get Rosalie to sleep in the swing.  It's not the crib, but it's a huge improvement over only getting her to sleep on us.  The crib is coming, I promise.  But Dee is finally able to get some stuff done during the day and we're both getting some sleep at night, so I'll gladly take what we're being given.
  6. Playing with Violet when I get home.  Last night I tied a headband around her head and we pretended we were rock stars, complete with times where we did guitar solos, lead-singer headbanging, drum solos, and pretended to be backup singers/dancers.  Sooo much fun.

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"Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking together in the same direction."
    –Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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Arrr…I was going to talk like a pirate through this post, but couldn't manage it.  Hopefully the story will make up for the lack of pirate phrases.

Imagine you're married, and dissatisfied with your relationship with your spouse.  You think your spouse doesn't understand you, that they haven't said a nice word to you in years, and your marriage is on the rocks, or at least, you're sailing right towards them.

Imagine you go online and find a kindred soul to share your troubles with.  Someone you could speak frankly and honestly with and who makes you feel appreciated.  Imagine the person you find is also in a troubled marriage, and vents their problems to you.  You form a special bond online, and it feels like every word of your conversation is filled with tenderness and understanding.

Imagine you finally decide to meet up in person.  You agree to meet outside a shop, each carrying a single rose so you can recognize one another.  Imagine you are about to meet the true love of your life, the soul mate you always thought was out there, but never thought you'd actually find.

Imagine going to the meet up…and finding your spouse there, holding a single rose.

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