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31 recipients, plus or minus?  I guess it depends on how Outlook feels as to whether it will deliver to all or not.  Microsoft must half-ass it on Fridays, just like the rest of us.


So yesterday I was all excited about my new "explore here" shortcut tweak.  I came in to work this morning and booted up my computer, found out Microsoft had issued it's regular 2nd-Tuesday-of-the-month updates, and I downloaded/installed/rebooted my computer.  Only to find that while I may be secure from the latest vulnerabilities in Windows, my explorer tweak no longer works!  The shortcuts still open fine, but they only open as a regular window, rather than an explorer window.  I've tried creating new ones, changing the properties, trying /e and e, lowercase and caps, calling out the explorer.exe by relative and absolute path, all to no avail.  It seems Microsoft thinks I'm more secure if I can't hack my computer.  While they may be right sometimes, this is one of those cases where mother DEFINITELY doesn't know best.

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