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31 recipients, plus or minus?  I guess it depends on how Outlook feels as to whether it will deliver to all or not.  Microsoft must half-ass it on Fridays, just like the rest of us.


  • I didn't realize how reliant I've become on using my email as part of my GTD system until Outlook failed me today.  Now it won't boot up except in Safe Mode, and even then takes forever to open unless I close out all my personal folders.  Between not having my personally crafted GTD macros and a moratorium on storing info in my personal folders, I'm forced to handle things the old-fashioned way, which is taking five times as long and is really pissing me off.  At least I have been able to designate today as a "Review Documents ONLY" day, and so I can work out of my "To Review" inbox rather than having to look and see what my best next-action item should be.
  • I did have to go to the dentist at lunchtime (no cavities, Ma!)  Nothing toe-curling like Papi Chulo's recent dental experience (too gross to link to directly).  Just a regular cleaning.  Oh, and the hygenist accidentally sprayed water out of my mouth and into my eye.  But I got a toothbrush and floss out of it, so not a total loss!
  • Missed a chance to go running at lunch today due to the aforementioned dentist appointment.  Now my body is craving exercise.  Maybe I'll bench-press the girls when I get home tonight – always good for a laugh and 4 sets of 20 reps of a 34 pound toddler is nothing to sneer at.
  • W.B. Mook got the Robert Goulet Threat Level Indicator in my sidebar up and running again!  Hooray for the Mook!  And while we were talking on IM, we ended up discussing HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, which naturally led to parodies including Square One's "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" parody, which in turn led me to find one of my favorite clips (and earworms, be warned!) from the 80s.  My fascination with pizza delivery people in media continues:

  • Last week I again won tickets to the Panthers' home game which took place yesterday.  My mother-in-law graciously (and generously) took care of the kids for the afternoon while my wife and I went to the game.  The weather was perfect, the game was exciting, and we spent the rest of the evening complaining of our sunburns and lethargic natures after such a sporting occasion.  We were in bed & asleep by 8:30, I think.
  • Overall, things are pretty good right now.  I'm getting a lot of stuff done around the house yet still spending time with the family.  Catching up (slowly but surely) on the backlog of stuff at work, and still having some "me" time.  Not as much posting online as I'd like, yet, but I'm just keeping track of all the things I still want to write about and doing so when the time is right.

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