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  • I didn't realize how reliant I've become on using my email as part of my GTD system until Outlook failed me today.  Now it won't boot up except in Safe Mode, and even then takes forever to open unless I close out all my personal folders.  Between not having my personally crafted GTD macros and a moratorium on storing info in my personal folders, I'm forced to handle things the old-fashioned way, which is taking five times as long and is really pissing me off.  At least I have been able to designate today as a "Review Documents ONLY" day, and so I can work out of my "To Review" inbox rather than having to look and see what my best next-action item should be.
  • I did have to go to the dentist at lunchtime (no cavities, Ma!)  Nothing toe-curling like Papi Chulo's recent dental experience (too gross to link to directly).  Just a regular cleaning.  Oh, and the hygenist accidentally sprayed water out of my mouth and into my eye.  But I got a toothbrush and floss out of it, so not a total loss!
  • Missed a chance to go running at lunch today due to the aforementioned dentist appointment.  Now my body is craving exercise.  Maybe I'll bench-press the girls when I get home tonight – always good for a laugh and 4 sets of 20 reps of a 34 pound toddler is nothing to sneer at.
  • W.B. Mook got the Robert Goulet Threat Level Indicator in my sidebar up and running again!  Hooray for the Mook!  And while we were talking on IM, we ended up discussing HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, which naturally led to parodies including Square One's "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" parody, which in turn led me to find one of my favorite clips (and earworms, be warned!) from the 80s.  My fascination with pizza delivery people in media continues:

  • Last week I again won tickets to the Panthers' home game which took place yesterday.  My mother-in-law graciously (and generously) took care of the kids for the afternoon while my wife and I went to the game.  The weather was perfect, the game was exciting, and we spent the rest of the evening complaining of our sunburns and lethargic natures after such a sporting occasion.  We were in bed & asleep by 8:30, I think.
  • Overall, things are pretty good right now.  I'm getting a lot of stuff done around the house yet still spending time with the family.  Catching up (slowly but surely) on the backlog of stuff at work, and still having some "me" time.  Not as much posting online as I'd like, yet, but I'm just keeping track of all the things I still want to write about and doing so when the time is right.

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Posted: 2008-09-24 in General
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Today I won tickets in the company raffle for the Panthers' game vs. Atlanta this Sunday!  And the seats are lower-level, on the 5-yard-line!  My wife and I can't wait to go – just need to figure out which of our family in the area will be able to watch the kids for a few hours.

Yod had a suggestion – I should wear the hat to the game so people can pick me out on TV.  I'll think about it – I don't have a Panthers ballcap, so that may be a good option…I'll keep you posted.

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I got in to work yesterday to find an email from one of our project teams announcing that they had successfully completed all the performance tests on one of our overseas projects – this was great news for the company, and something everyone was really excited about.  We got called down to the conference room by the head honcho around 2:30 in the afternoon for an all-hands meeting where he congratulated everyone on a great job, and then announced that we were having a champagne toast and cheese platters in the next-door conference room.  Anyone who wanted to was able to have a couple of glasses of champagne and a plate of cheese in celebration…they were also handing out cigars, so I got the hat-trick of fun stuff yesterday: yummy fatty cheeses, decent booze, and a Romeo y Julieta cigar.

I got back to my desk to find out that I had been one of the winners this week in a drawing for tickets to this week's home game of the Carolina Panthers vs. the 49'ers.  Not only do my wife and I get free tickets to the game, but we get a "preferred parking" pass to a lot right near the stadium – since stadium parking ranges from $10 to $50, depending on how close you want to get to the stadium, this is a nice little bonus.

Finally, I got home to find a bunch of boxes of packages sitting on my front porch – Hanukkah presents from my Grandmother, mostly.  She had ordered me a soldering iron that I had put on my wish list – except the company must have botched the order, because instead of 1 soldering iron, they put in the box a quantity of 10 soldering irons!

Everything's coming up Milhouse!

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No, not getting even as in revenge – getting even as in my record – I won for the second straight week, so I'm now 3-3.  Hooray!


Not much to say this week – it seemed the network programming overlords were conspiring against me to bring me only televised games where I had no players playing.  Sure, it was nice seeing Testaverde kick some butt for the Panthers (wow, my home team has Kasay at age 37 and Testaverde at age 43….it's like they're trying to teach those youngins' a thing or two!) but I would have enjoyed watching Edwards catch all three of his touchdown passes a little bit more.  Or cheer as Carson Palmer threw for 300+ yards and 2 touchdowns, and groaned as he intercepted twice and fumbled once.  But so it goes.

Next week looks to be tough – I'm playing "The Warden", who's on a winning streak lately, but more importantly, will be using Brady against a sad Miami defense.  Here's hoping I survive the onslaught…

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As I mentioned yesterday, I managed to snag a pair of tickets to the Carolina Panthers vs. Patriots game that happened last night.  As anyone who pays attention to football can tell you, the Panthers got trounced heartily by their New England foes, but that didn't stop the wife and myself from having a great time.

Taking advice from a coworker, I managed to snag a "primo" parking space in a lot that was only charging $15 for parking (prices ranged from $5 to $50, depending on how close to the stadium you wanted to get).  We walked past a lot of tailgaters on our way to the stadium, but since we only came down in time to make it to the game, we didn't do any pre-partying ourselves.

The walk from car to stadium was 100% uphill.  I swear they put the stadium on the top of the hill, as people coming from the other direction complained about the same thing.  We were sweating a bit by the time we made it to the gates – luckily we had planned ahead and each brought a 1 liter bottle of water that we immediately sucked down once we were inside.

Nobody ever promised us good seats with the free tickets.  We were in section 532, which meant we were in the highest section of the upper level.  We had to walk up about a quarter mile of switchback ramps to get to the 500 level of the stadium.

By the time we got to the 500 level, we were drenched in sweat and stopped to relax in the cool breeze that we felt for the first time since we had entered the stadium.  My wife (who remember, is 5.5 months pregnant!) rested for a bit while I ran off to get us something cool to drink.  A huge diet pepsi and a beer later, we were cooling off and ready to go find our seats.  We found the proper section and tried to figure out how far we had to climb to get to where we'd be at for the duration of the game.

It turns out that row 24, where we were located, was not the highest row in the stadium, but it was damn close.  About 4-5 rows was equivalent to a flight of steps, so we climbed about 5-6 flights of steps up the grandstand to get to our row.  We needed another cold drink by the time we got to the top.

When we finally cooled down long enough to take in our surroundings, we realized that although we were about the height of Icarus when his wings melted from the heat of the sun, we had a pretty good view of the field. 

The perspective was a little weird, being so foreshortened, so throughout the game we had to keep looking over at the sidelines to see what kind of yardage gain the teams had made.  Still, we could see everything and the people around us were a lot of fun to cheer with.

In the end, the Panthers got trounced, I drank a few beers, we had some decent barbecue, participated in the screaming crowd on all the great plays, and generally had a great time.  The walk back to our car was all downhill, and we stayed cool by munching on a Ben & Jerry's ice cream cone each as we went (I opted for Cherry Garcia, Dee had Cookie Dough).

All in all, a great experience for both of us for our first trip to a professional football game.  It is definitely something I'd want to do again, although I'd try to plan for a game where the weather would be a bit cooler.  I'm sure my wife feels the same way 🙂

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Psst – Before you read any further, please note I'm talking about American football, not the better kind you play primarily with your feet.

It's about that time of year again, where pro-football fans hunker down on their couches and cheer on their teams, reveling in every pass, rush, sack, and touchdown.  The pre-season games have started, the teams get their first chance to really show off their new talent and plays, and the fans get a taste of the game to warm up to before the madness of the official season is upon us.

I'm a football fan.  Not a die-hard, paint-your-face-and-chest and scream-until-you're-hoarse fan (although this might be worth trying out one Sunday at home, to see how the wife and daughter react), but just a typical sports fan who enjoys seeing the competition, the well-crafted plays, and the superb athleticism of the players.  They may be overpaid (that's a topic for another day), but those NFL players sure put on a fun show.

With football season comes Fantasy Football.  I'm part of a league that plays on the fantasy football system hosted by Yahoo, with some friends of mine who are up in New York.  We each pay some money into a pot at the beginning of the season, throw a buck into the pot for each trade made during the season, and winner takes all at the end.  Of course, winner also has to pay for the Superbowl party, but they still make out okay.  And of course, they have bragging rights until the next season starts.  I really enjoy Fantasy Football because it allows me to be interested in games/teams I normally wouldn't care about.  Plus it's fun to talk smack with my friends and hash over what I coulda/shoulda done for my week's roster.  Even if I'm not very good (I usually finish about 4th or 5th place out of 10 teams), it's a fun and entertaining way to pass the season.

My fantasy league's draft will be Wednesday the 5th, the night before the first regular season game (yes, our league's commissioner is a procrastinator).  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get some good picks this year, but I'll be halfway back in the draft order, so I'll most likely get a couple powerhouses, a couple mediocre players, a couple sleepers, and a dud or two.  It'll sort itself out after a few weeks though, so I'm not too worried.

The Panthers Will Win Tonight...Hopefully
The Patriots Will Be Going Down Tonight

Also, a vendor who sells some stuff to our office had an extra pair of tickets to tonight's game of the Panthers vs. the Patriots, and guess who gets to go?  The game's at 8pm, so my wife and I managed to get the sister-in-law to babysit and we'll be heading down to Bank of America stadium to check out the pre-game festivities, enjoy some beer (well, at least I will…the wife is 5 months pregnant and therefore the designated driver), and then take in what should be a pretty fun game.  It probably won't be a nailbiter, given that it's a pre-season game, but it'll be my first actual attendance at a pro-football game, so I'm very excited.

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