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How long will it be
Until I stop writing out:
2 – 0 – 1 – 4?


Uneventful Sunday here at Casa de Bedlam yesterday – the girls and I finished watching one of the Doctor Who Christmas Specials (Voyage of the Damned), The CP finished working on her Family Treasures project for school, and we all took a trip down to Tupelo Honey in Charlotte for brunch. Dee was checking out the place as a possible brunch site for her half-sister’s engagement brunch next month, and I was interested in trying some of their recipes, myself. I ended up having a Moonswine Mary (think homemade Bloody Mary using jalepeno infused moonshine instead of vodka) and one of the best fried egg BLT sandwiches I’ve ever had. Dee’s toasted havarti cheese and veggie sandwich was quite nice too. We ended up having to wait almost 45 minutes to be seated though, which combined with the 25 minute drive made this something we’re not going to be doing regularly in the future (much to my stomach’s dismay). At least when we got home, both girls and I went out for our 2 laps around the block, rather than falling into a food coma on the couch, so I at least got a little taste of exercise, although nothing serious.

It may be a new year and a “fresh start” for any resolutions I’ve got going, but the workload is just as bad as it was before I left for Christmas vacation. I’ve got about a million things due in the upcoming weeks, and to top it all off, it looks like I’m going to be travelling this week to join some of my coworkers for meetings in Italy and then Qatar for a potential new project for the company. This will be my first real trip to Italy (visiting Sardinia in my mother’s arms as a baby doesn’t count), and although I’ll only be there for a couple days and working the whole time, it is a little exciting to be going there. Qatar I’ve visited before when I had to duck out of Bahrain for visa renewals, but I didn’t get to see much, so if I have a chance to sight-see there, I’ll try to take it as well.

Home Sweet Home!

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Yes, it’s official – I’ve returned home from Minnesota and am currently working from the office again!  There’s no set date for me to go out on a site again, so it looks like plenty of time home with the wife and kidlets in the near future.  I can’t stop smiling.

It was a fun but pretty ordinary weekend, although I was still recovering from this nasty summer cold.  Went to the CP’s soccer game on Saturday (she’s a natural goalie, but still needs to work on her skills outside of that – but about what I’d expect for a 5 year old), and spent most of the afternoon just hanging out and playing with the girls.  Sunday was the 2nd session of CP’s religious school and they were supposed to do an orientation, but the teacher didn’t show so I don’t know what was going on.  They had a substitute but Dee and I hung around for the Tefillah (prayer service that the classes do all together w/ songs accompanied by some guitars and drums) and then we left and got some lunch and came back at the end of the session.  Then we went over to the mother-in-law’s for the afternoon and dinner, rooting for and heckling the various football teams on TV and just hanging out with family.  I think I fell asleep for a while on a pillow on the floor (again, this cold just won’t quit!) and prepped for my first day back to work.

Need to work on waking up in the morning at a set time again – hit snooze WAY too many times this morning, which only served to put me in bad graces with Dee, who woke up when my alarm first went off.  She’s fine with it as long as I get up, but for me to set my alarm and wake her up and then NOT get up – well, let’s just say I need to turn things around or else I might be relocating the alarm clock to the arm of the couch.

Playing catchup today – expense reports and paper filing to get back on track.  Updating my to-do list and reviewing stuff that I’ll be working on – it’s a change of pace, but a good one.  And I can’t wait until I get to drive HOME in the evening, see my kids, have dinner with the family, and relax in the peace and bedlam of my own house.  Things are good.

This week, I came out with one win and one loss.  But in both cases, I felt much better about my teams as my players actually had some good performances – the fact that my opponent managed to outscore me is a little bit of a sore point, but I have to blame the fact that I left Houshmandzadeh on the bench this week (who would have believed he would have had 140+ yards receiving and a touchdown against the Giants?)  Otherwise, I would have had two wins under my belt for the week.

Speaking of wins – how crazy was the San Diego / Jets game last night?  I was watching in the hopes that my receiver and running back would clinch the games for me – when the Jets first picked off Rivers and ran it in for a touchdown, I was sure the Chargers were going to end up with their third loss of the season.  But their defense really stepped up and started putting the pressure on the Jets, forcing Favre to return the favor with a couple of interceptions of his own.  It looked like Favre is still a little shaky trying to work out the details of the Jets' offense (even though he rallied back a bit towards the end of the game) – let's hope he gets back in the saddle in the upcoming weeks, as he's my backup quarterback when it looks like Romo is going to have a bad week.

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For every high, there must be a low.  And in keeping with the theory of distribution of luck, my fortuitous wins of last week's games have been canceled out by my horrible, horrible losses this week.  I can't even blame it on my opposition this week – even though they had some amazing performances from some of their players, my roster just didn't do what they needed to do.  I'll just take it as a lesson in humility and hope I bounce back in this upcoming week.  Houshmandzadeh is officially on notice, though – one more crappy performance and he's outta there, for good.

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Hopefully by throwing the words "Fantasy Football" in the title of my posts, I can warn off the folks who aren't interested in my weekly recaps (Kevin).  I'll refrain from doing more than one of these a week, and there won't be any other content besides football or Fantasy Football in them, so feel free to ignore these posts if that's not your cup of tea.

This year, I decided to form a local league with my coworkers in addition to the one my friends in Syracuse play in.  This way I have some folks at work to trash-talk and discuss the games with, which I've been missing since I moved away from Syracuse.  Since I had more experience with fantasy football than my other coworkers, I set up the league and am League Commissioner, which is a fancy way of saying I get to do all the behind-the-scenes organization crap with no extra compensation for it.  But hey!  At least I get a local league to play in!

And I won my local league's first week game against my opponent, the Scorpions!

Although my defense really let me down, my other players made up for it enough to let me squeak by for the win.  I think Maroney's going to be a bust this year now that Brady is out for the season – his replacement likes to throw the ball so the running game looks to be low priority.

Oh yeah, I also won my other league's game, but only because my opponent has the worst 1st-week luck of anyone I've ever seen!

Yes, I won this week primarily because my opponent's quarterback got sidelined for the season early in the first quarter of his game.  Not shown here is his backup receiver (Nate Burleson) who ALSO suffered a season-ending knee injury in his week one game (hence my opponent's new team name).  Talk about crappy luck of the draft!

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It almost snuck up on me, but I remembered to check last week and see exactly when I had first posted here on Vox.  If you haven't guessed already, that was a year ago, today.  I'm not going to make too big a deal out of it, but I'm pretty proud of my year here on Vox.  I feel like this is the first blog I've kept where I have actually written things on a regular basis, and made an attempt (sometimes) to write quality (in my opinion) posts (and even occasionally posted them for others to read!)

I'm going to copy Dave's format and list some links below to recap my past year's posts.  Some are funny or interesting, and some may only be of note to me, but if you haven't seen them before, you might want to take a look to see what I've been doing here for the past year.

Total posts since joining Vox (not including this one): 405 (~34 posts a month, or a little over a post a day, on average)

Looking back, I'm pretty happy with how this blog turned out over the past year.  I'm just going to keep writing and hope I can say the same next time we make it around the sun.

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Well, we survived our first week with 2 children, and things are on the up-and-up.  Rosalie's gained back to her birth weight as of the doctor's appointment this morning, which means she's a week ahead of schedule.

Speaking of schedules, I'm still getting used to the fact that my daily schedule is now subject to the involuntary whims of an infant who's still mixed up as to when it is day and when it is night.  Which is why I'm up at a quarter to one in the morning, instead of sleeping through "Santa's" stopover at our house to bring Violet some presents.  But it's okay – I'm getting around 4-6 hours sleep each night, so at least I'm not hallucinating…yet.

Anyway, I doubt most people will be getting online on Christmas day, but I want to wish everyone who celebrates the holiday a Merry Christmas, and everyone a Happy New Year.  Seeing as it's taken me a week to get just this post up, I doubt I'll be posting very often in the near future until I can get back to having some time to myself.  But I'll still be checking in and will try to get the occasional post up here and there when I can.

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