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In case you haven't been paying attention, one of my prizes from a past Yod Hunt was the dubious privilege of hosting my own Yod Hunt (AKA Yod's Photo Scavenger Hunt AKA Jody Hunt AKA iYod Hunt AKA that weird contest where you go around creating and/or taking ridiculous pictures for the enjoyment of others). 

After months of badgering, Yod finally taught me the secret Yod Hunt handshake and gave me the go-ahead.  So without further adieu, here we go!

First, the rules for this week –

  • The contest starts now and runs until 11:59 Pacific Time, Wednesday November 21st.  Now you can't claim you were too busy this weekend to participate!  Whee!
  • There will be a small prize awarded to the first person to post a complete contest entry.  That person will also be eligible for the GRAND PRIZE, so don't worry about when you get your entry in (as long as it's before the deadline).
  • Partial contest entries are accepted, but probably won't win the GRAND PRIZE.  However, you may receive a consolation prize, so post even if you can't come up with something for one of the topics!

  • The GRAND PRIZE winner will be chosen completely subjectively by myself and the fine folks from the Reptile Parcel Service.
  • The GRAND PRIZE is a secret.  (Actually, all the prizes are, for that matter.)  Mostly because I haven't settled on exactly what the prizes are yet.  However, I do have a box in my garage with items that were too valuable to give away and/or too dear to me to sell – if you're one of the lucky winners this week, you may get your hands on something that I could never bear to part with except to a fellow Yod Hunt member.  Of course, there's also always a chance you'll get a much more useful, but much less personal, gift card to somewhere special…but again, you'll have to enter to find out what you will win!

Ok, ok…enough rules…time to get this contest rolling.  Good luck, contestants, and let the photo hunt begin!

1. Incorporate the words "In Yod We Trust" into a piece of original artwork and take a picture of it.  The definition of "artwork" is up to you.

2. Take a picture of what just might be "The Next Big Tourist Attraction".

3. You almost had to know there would be a Thanksgiving-related question in this contest.  But turkeys are so trite.  So instead, take a picture of something related to ANY OTHER holiday that you wish people would celebrate twice a year – once during its regularly scheduled time, and once in November instead of Thanksgiving.

4. Show us a picture whose caption is "Blackmail Fodder".  (Warning – if you think this photo could really be used for blackmail purposes, it's probably not a good idea to post it on the internet.)

5. Take a picture of someone/something acting out a pun.  Your entry can be an illustration, as long as it's something you made, and not just something you found on the internets.  (For example, to illustrate the pun "The roundest knight at King Arthur's round table was Sir Cumference", you could have someone dress up as a very rotund and obviously labeled knight named Sir Cumference.)  Bonus points if the pun makes others groan.  Double bonus points if the pun makes others throw rotten fruit at you.

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1. Take a self portrait of yourself doing your best secret agent impression.

What evil lurks in the hearts of men?  Only the Shadow knows…or the shadowy, partially obscured figure dressed like a sekrit agent from an old 50's B movie…I'm passing the uber-secret crossword puzzle to my invisible government contact in this photo.  Please note I had already completed photo scavenger hunt topic #2 at the time of this photo.

2. Show us the most delicious thing that you can prepare in your kitchen in under 90 seconds.

Ross' Extra-Delicious Manhattan Recipe

1 part whiskey (Black Label optional, but highly recommended)
1/2 part sweet vermouth
2 maraschino cherries
Ice to suit
Stir and sip, repeat when you hit bottom

I swear I wasn't copying crankypants on this one!  I made and drank this one long before I saw her post!

3. Take a picture of a tattoo or piercing on your body. If you don't have either, show us where you want one and tell us what you plan to get. If you're against body modification or are just not interested, take a picture of your thumb.

This is a slightly-weird angle of my one and only tattoo.  I got it after I had graduated college and joined the working world, and was completely sober at the time.  I had started off with an idea of what I wanted, combined it with some flash I saw at the tattoo parlor, helped the artist fine-tune it to my liking, and just went for it.  I highly recommend Skin Funk Tattoo in New York, if you're ever up that way and looking for some new ink.

4. Show us something that could only exist in [where you live].

Only in North Carolina can you find Big Tobacco manufacturing facilities hand-in-hand with acres and acres of cow-pastures.  These fields are all owned by Philip Morris, who has a facility somewhere back there on-site.

Note: North Carolina's unofficial state motto is: Remember, Tobacco is a Vegetable!

5. Create a sculpture of a pig out of unconventional materials (don't use clay or play doh, etc.) and show it to us.

Meet Gerald the soda-pig (not to be confused with Spider-Pig).  Born 11:22 AM, August 18th, 2007, Gerald consists of:

1 caffeine-free diet pepsi can
4 sheet-metal screws
1/2 sheet of pink paper
2 pieces of scotch tape
1 pink-vinyl coated paper-clip
Ink from a Sharpie
A whole lot of TLC

Unfortunately, Gerald suffered a bad accident involving a recycling bin, and is no longer with us.  He is survived by his littermates Geraldine and Harold, both of whom declined to be pictured here.

Gerald, the Soda-PigGerald's Profile ShotGerald's Derriere

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